Introducing Rapid Recall Boards!

  • Brand new boards adapted from UK Rapid Recall Boards for Australian students
  • Immensely popular with Australian teachers
  • Great way to rapidly improve a pupil’s knowledge of every number objective for their year group
  • Requires very little preparation
  • Students love using them!

Available for years 1 to 6 in several pack sizes!

Rapid Recall Boards are double-sided whiteboards jam-packed with activities to cover the core number objectives from the national curriculum for each year group (Y1–Y6).

The activities are designed to support and develop memorisation, fluency and the recall of key number facts.

You can easily check all possible answers via the interactive online answer portal.

1) In the top left corner of the board, you'll see a symbol which varies according to the side of the board and the year group.

2) Within this symbol write the chosen number – selected from the range stated below the shape.

4) Once completed, pupils can either self-mark or get a peer, teaching assistant or teacher to mark the board, using supplied answers.

The Basics

3) Now complete the board and use the symbol as the chosen number – like algebra!

Personalised Learning

Changing the starting number provides easy differentiation and allows every child within a year group to access all or parts of the whiteboard. Children get to feel in control of their learning.

Assessment for learning

The boards are a powerful assessment tool. When completed, the boards reveal which aspects of number the children need more support with to fully understand.


The simplicity of the boards enables children to work independently. They can be used as a 5-minute filler or for a full lesson. Use individually, in pairs or work in teams to beat the clock!

Curriculum Compliant

Each board covers the core number objectives from the Australian Curriculum for the chosen year level, as well as revising concepts from the previous year to maintain fluency and recall.

The Pilot and Navigator method is a great way to encourage mathematical discussion between pupils. 

Oulton Broad Primary introduced this way of using the boards to us, and they have used it to great success with all year groups.

Step one: Pupils sit in pairs and decide who will be the ‘Pilot’ and who will be the ‘Navigator’.

Step two: The Navigator works out the answer to the questions and tells the Pilot. The Pilot then questions them as to why that is the right answer, and the Navigator must explain.

The "Pilot & Navigator" Pair

The "Timed Snapshot"

This was the original intent of the boards and it is still just as relevant now.

As the teacher, you set a time limit and pick a number to use. When the time is up you can analyse several things:

- How much of the board was completed?

- How many questions were completed correctly?

- Were any questions missed and why?

This is a great thing to do at the start of the year to test the pupils’ knowledge before teaching begins again.

5 Ways To Use Rapid Recall Boards

Rapid Recall Boards are a great tool to have in your classroom as you can:

  • Vary the number pupils use
  • Challenge your students with a higher year group’s board (age identifiers are really subtle)
  • Ask pupils to choose their own number

The Extension Task

  • Using the Rapid Recall Whiteboards as a bit of early morning fun means the children can get warmed up for the lessons of the day.
  • Almost anyone can supervise and help out with the answers provided.

Maths Warm-up

Available for years 1 to 6 in several pack sizes!

Teachers Resources

Click the links below to download useful Rapid Recall resources to your computer.

Rapid Recall Teachers Handbook PDF

Rapid Recall Research Project PDF

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